Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crochet Hook Holder

I've received many requests for Crochet Needle cases. I created this pattern after long experiments. This Crochet Needle Caddy is special because it holds every size of hook snug, you never have to worry about dropping one again!  

A  beautifully handcrafted nature friendly crochet needle holder. This bright and lush apple green crochet hook case is handmade in 100% natural cotton. Reminds me of bright springtime.. a fun accessory that anyone would love to have for the holidays season.  :o)   
Could this be on your list for Santa?

It is the perfect addition to your crochet basket. Delicately crocheted to ensure that your needles fit and stay put inside this stylish accessory. It makes a lovely gift for a Crocheter and also a big inspiration for some to begin! Give one as a gift, they'll surely fall in love…

The special motif of this crochet needle caddy is an original design that enables you to put the hooks into each space that holds it snug. You will never have to worry about dropping one anymore. The case has seven needle spaces that can hold needles up to size K (6.5mm). Custom colors and sizes are available.Feel free to write to me, or leave a comment here if you need more information. The closure of the case can be tied up two ways, through the loop or wound like a string around the case.

CLICK HERE for Crochet Hook Caddy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

IVth Online Crochet Class

Hello Everyone...

Here we are again preparing for our next series of online classes. This is FOURTH in the series, and we will have two classes this time -

1. CROCHET BASICS for BEGINNERS - Dec 1, 2010 [12 noon PST].
2. CROCHET for INTERMEDIATE CROCHETERS - Dec 2, 2010 [12 noon PST]

All you have to do be a participant in this class is fill out the poll here. CLICK HERE FOR THE POLL

On the poll we have an option of attending both classes, however, please DO NOT opt for both unless you already know the basics of crochet. If you are absolutely new to crochet, following the intermediate class will be of no help to you at all. And if you are an intermediate lever crocheter, then you dont need the beginners class. A synopsis of the beginners class is available on the blog. Please look that up as a refresher or if you would like to know what will be covered in the beginners class. CLICK HERE FOR THE BEGINNER CLASS SYNOPSIS 

It does not matter how you got to this page, if you are interested in learning about Crochet, just sign up!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Floral Waves Baby Blankie

I really wanted to make a special baby blanket, something different and very intricate. I wanted it to be swirly and to have curls at the edges. For a blanket to have even swirls I needed to begin it from the center and build it out. This is what I came up with...
The center flower is made in avocado-mint and snow white puffs in a granny square pattern. I am calling them Honeydew Squares.  The simplicity of the single crochet rows makes the florets pop! The string of blossoms are crocheted individually and then joined together, they add to the lush feel of the blankie.

I enjoyed the color combination, very fresh and so elegant. The flowers look identical from both sides and can be used for many different projects. Since they are so puffy, for this project, they make the blanket curl up from the center to the end.. how adorable !

The center piece is important, it must be measured carefully and be a square with sides exactly double of the Honeydew squares. This is what makes the base for the rest of the design.

Here is a sample of all the Honeydews together with the center piece. Yes, it needs some more work... and I will soon update with the completed work. I hope you like it...

By the way, is anyone interested in the pattern ??

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Swirly Scarf

I had been thinking of making a scarf in Kelly Green. I tried out a few patterns, created a couple designs.... etc..  Although I liked the designs, it was not what I had imagined. Since this green is so vibrant and bright, I wanted to create something that made a real statement. Something bold yet elegant and feminine. I found this pattern by accident. I remember it was part of the designs that were being promoted by Martha Stewart. It caught my fancy. I began making this scarf a long time back... I ran out of yarn towards the end and needed more to make the tassels. I had to run to the stores several times before I found one skein, hence the delay in posting it here. I wonder if Kelly Green was the color of the season!??

The Swirly Scarf... is so pretty and could be customized for anyone.. little girls or young ladies.. it was awesome working on it. I found the pattern on Lion Brand's website. CLICK HERE to visit the link. This pattern is super easy and makes me wonder why dint I think of this? It is just an extension of what I've made several times - crocheted circles ! Its a great project for a beginner, especially because you can finish it in a day ! Instant gratification!   ...well, almost.  :-)
I am glad I looked at the pattern and just started off...

I believe I must have put in about five hours to complete the scarf. I made it extra long for myself because I love to double my scarves when wearing them. I made the scarf in two parts as suggested in the pattern. There is no particular reason why the scarf should be made in two parts. I decided to make it in two parts because it helped me keep the circles under control. If I had crocheted the whole length together it would have been a lot to move around, specially because I like to carry my projects wherever I go. I worked on the two parts separately, got the tassels on and then sew them together. I feel making it in two parts was much easier for me. However, if you are crocheting a smaller length, I think doing the complete length at one go would save a lot of effort.

I made a few changes to the pattern. I used Half Double Crochet stitch for the whole pattern instead of the Double Crochet stitch as suggested in the pattern. I think the HDC looks much nicer than the DC stitches and this also helped me keep the width of the scarf under four inches.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Review - Knitting Over The Edge

'Knitting Over The Edge: Unique Ribs, Cords, Appliques, Colors, Nouveau' by Nicky Epstein is a beautiful collection of extraordinary edgings and techniques of creating gorgeous trims that make a statement for every knitted piece. This book is the next in series after 'Knitting on the Edge: Ribs, Ruffles, Lace, Fringes, Floral, Points & Picots' which featured a large collection of Decorative Borders.

I have enjoyed designing my own edgings for every project. However, working with the patterns in this book was just wonderful. The parts that I specially enjoyed were working on different types of fringes and the pretty floral appliques. Some of these patterns looked very complicated, but once I started working through it, the pattern seemed easy enough.

If you are into knitting and are looking for some creative juices to add a special touch to your designs, this book is a must read for you. It is fun to create, the edgings can be easily modified to suit any garment and the instructions are easy to follow.

I am still not done with this book... I will be posting my pictures of all the trims that I ave adapted for my projects. Tune in again !

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book Review - Vogue Knitting Stitchionary

I learnt to knit first and then I picked up crochet.. between the two I found it easier to experiment with crochet than with my knitting simply because of the ease of carrying my crochet projects wherever I went. It is also the ease of picking up the craft that makes crochet very easy to introduce to first timers. I have enjoyed doing that over the last 3 years and I am glad that I could reach out to over 70 people who wanted to learn and create their own little yarn things.

As I spoke with my yarn friends, I found many of them interested in knitting. However, most of them were apprehensive where to begin, how to go on and how to deal with s many stitches on the needles ! Yes, it can be quite different when you are working with one loop while crocheting.

I began my search for the books that I could recommend to my friends. Books that would begin with the basics of knitting and then help beginners graduate into more complex designs. With that search began my series of experiments with what I read in every book as I tried out the patterns. Here is my series of Book Reviews. Hope you enjoy them and check out the books !

The first book that I have picked out for review is an exhausting collection of patterns which use varying permutations of Knit, Purl and Yarn Overs. The Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Volume One: Knit & Purl by The Editors of Vogue Knitting Magazine is the first in the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Series. This is a wonderful book for someone starting out with knitting. The patterns are a collection from the original Vogue Knitting Magazine. They have been carefully handpicked to form a gradual progression from the simple designs of knit and purl to lace and then to some unusual designs.

The patterns are well spelt out and are easy to follow. I have used this book to make a couple scarves and a number of swatches. I am looking forward to making many more and I hope to join them all together for a colorful throw, full of texture. This book is a great tool that will see you through projects. Just feel free to try out the patterns, make swatches and mix and match them for your own unique garment.

For Copyright reasons I will not be producing any of the designs here. I urge you to check out the book... have fun and get creative !!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow ! Baby..

Hey Guys...

I've been waiting to put up my pictures and video and like crazy I have not been able to.. Anyways, I thought of writing to everyone here...

I have stayed away from the blog front coz I have been busy setting up my little store online. Its not done yet... once it is populated, I'll put up the link here. Not many yarn projects on for now... just one actually.

Anyways, I have decided that I will knit and crochet along with everyone here rather than finishing my project and then posting here. That ways you all will now see how many times I change my mind about a project and how many times my well thought out pattern changes as it reaches completion. So now on you will get to see a lot of unfinished project pictures, my trials and errors that I almost never post about. I feel those are the real fun things... my projects might seem neat and clean.. but they are never that ways while I am still working on them... :)

Currently working on a Baby Blanket which is a combination of knitting and crochet. Although simple, this is my first time mixing the two. And the project is my own design. This is a special blankie for my best friend Sangi. Yup, she's expecting her first baby in October. And we all just found out that its a baby GIRL !

So wait up for more updates on that and some funky pictures !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And we're back !

Hey Everyone..

The blog has been silent for a while.. but that wont be the case now on.
Spring is here and We're back with some old and new projects.

I will be posting pictures and patterns for a few things that I finished making in the last few months that I was away from the blog. That includes a couple scarves, a lot of baby stuff (Yea ! not just crocheted but knitted too !) and some accessories.

Welcome back ! and watch out for the fun stuff beginning this Friday.