Saturday, June 12, 2010

Green Swirly Scarf

I had been thinking of making a scarf in Kelly Green. I tried out a few patterns, created a couple designs.... etc..  Although I liked the designs, it was not what I had imagined. Since this green is so vibrant and bright, I wanted to create something that made a real statement. Something bold yet elegant and feminine. I found this pattern by accident. I remember it was part of the designs that were being promoted by Martha Stewart. It caught my fancy. I began making this scarf a long time back... I ran out of yarn towards the end and needed more to make the tassels. I had to run to the stores several times before I found one skein, hence the delay in posting it here. I wonder if Kelly Green was the color of the season!??

The Swirly Scarf... is so pretty and could be customized for anyone.. little girls or young ladies.. it was awesome working on it. I found the pattern on Lion Brand's website. CLICK HERE to visit the link. This pattern is super easy and makes me wonder why dint I think of this? It is just an extension of what I've made several times - crocheted circles ! Its a great project for a beginner, especially because you can finish it in a day ! Instant gratification!   ...well, almost.  :-)
I am glad I looked at the pattern and just started off...

I believe I must have put in about five hours to complete the scarf. I made it extra long for myself because I love to double my scarves when wearing them. I made the scarf in two parts as suggested in the pattern. There is no particular reason why the scarf should be made in two parts. I decided to make it in two parts because it helped me keep the circles under control. If I had crocheted the whole length together it would have been a lot to move around, specially because I like to carry my projects wherever I go. I worked on the two parts separately, got the tassels on and then sew them together. I feel making it in two parts was much easier for me. However, if you are crocheting a smaller length, I think doing the complete length at one go would save a lot of effort.

I made a few changes to the pattern. I used Half Double Crochet stitch for the whole pattern instead of the Double Crochet stitch as suggested in the pattern. I think the HDC looks much nicer than the DC stitches and this also helped me keep the width of the scarf under four inches.


  1. Beautiful scarf Amrita.Loved it.
    Can you share the pattern please.

  2. Wow! beautiful! Amrita..... I want to do it.

  3. Hey Deepti and Kav..
    Thanks for your comments. I am happy that you like the scarf.
    This pattern is on Lion Brand's website. I have the link in the post itself. Right click the "CLICK HERE" text to open in a new tab !!

  4. Lovely! So refreshing and something different from the regular. Am sure you are going to look gorgeous wearing it!

  5. Awesome dear!!!!
    Get a pic with you wearing this :)

  6. Really great pattern Amrita! I remember seeing this scarf while you were still working on it. You are a creative genius I must say!!

  7. Wow!! great job Amrita..this scarf is very beautiful..everything is so perfect!!
    the colour,the pattern..simply amazing!!
    keep it up!!

  8. Lovely Scarf Amrita....the color is amazing too!!
    its now on my to do patterns ;)

  9. Thank you for looking..
    I am happy to continue my little experiments and write about them here. Please feel free to tell me about yours...

    Best !

  10. Dear ..tats a really beautiful swirly scarf . came across ur blog thru orkut commnity...
    n i can c tat u hv gt sm real gud stuff here...
    do hv a luk into my blog too wen u get time...



  11. Thanks guys.

    How long have you been crocheting Vidya? Its great to know another fellow crocheter! Thanks for visiting my blog !

  12. hmm..mayb just 2 years serious crochet

  13. That's nice ! Hope you are having a good time.. I am beginning a few new projects... will post about them soon !

  14. This is a great blog! If you have time, would you please tell me how you managed to get your watermark on your photos? I'm not having much luck figuring it out. My email address is: I'd really appreciate it.

  15. You can use any softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp to put the watermarks... Hope that helps.

  16. I just love the swirls in this. I just love looking for different designs. I am now following you on facebook. :)

  17. @Yarn Yokel
    Thanks for following me ! Do you have a blog? Do send me the link :)