Monday, December 17, 2012

New Baby Booties and Cap

Here is my latest addition to baby things..
A cute set of Baby Booties and Cap.

The Booties are made to look like Loafers. They are handmade in a combination of knit and crochet design. The combination of knitting and crochet stitches allow for more elasticity in the booties and makes for better wear.  Absolutely adorable !

The Cap is  hand-knit in a rib stitch pattern. Its extra long to double up and fit newborns and babies up to 9 months. Cute tassels add whim to the design and makes for a cute accessory for baby.

This set is available in colors of your choice and in these sizes -
0 to 3 Months
3 to 6 Months
6 to 9 Months
9 to 12 Months
12 to 18 Months
18 to 24 Months

I love experimenting and making new things, so if you have anything on your mind, feel free to share here... I would love to help with your projects !

Friday, August 31, 2012

On the Hook..

Ripples are in fashion again..  be it for a cushion or an afghan. I have been hooked on Crochet the whole month of August, my knitting projects have taken a back seat. Varying between different granny designs and  ripples.. I am kinda addicted to them.. began with trying to create a soft ripple pattern and now I just cant stop!

My first ripple-gan is almost done and its fascinating for me to keep adding more colors to it.. here is a sneak peak..
 Absolutely love the rainbow colors and its so soft to touch ! This one is made with all 100% acrylic yarns so the afghan is hard wearing and can be tossed into the washer-dryer without any problems. Looking forward to some snuggle time on the couch !

Right now I am loving the pastels in my new Ripple-ghan.. This is one of my most favorite color combination for little girls. Its working up fast but I think I will run out of yarn on this one.. A sneak peak for all ripple fans..
 My variation of the Ripple-Ghan pattern will be up here soon.. watch out for the updates on my Facebook Page. Enjoy !

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Baby Item Color Choices

When it comes to picking colors to make something for a baby, its an impossible task !! I love colors and I especially enjoy making baby items.. This month has been all about Baby Blankies.. So far I have made 4 Baby blankets this month and the next one is in the making.. Will share the pictures soon.

Today's post is all about the colors I love to use for my baby projects. Here are my most favorite choice of colors..
If you like anything in my SHOP and would like me to customize it in your coice of colors, please take your pick from here and send it to me in a note. Thank you !

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hex Motif Car Seat Baby Blue Blankie

Hey Everyone, I am back with a new blankie for the little ones.. in a unique hex shape thats perfect for a cozy wrap and also works great in the car seat. The floral allows the buckles to fit in place without difficulty.

Delicately made with 100% acrylic yarn makes for a great gift thats easy to care for.  I especially enjoyed picking the colors for this one, so cute for a baby boy !! And a little baby girl blankie is in the making too !! This blankie can be customized to any color and with every new change the look changes completely. A very versatile piece thats built to last for generations !

For more details, CLICK here.
Enjoy !!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hi Friends !
I am super excited to announce my FIRST EXHIBITION !!

A friend and I will present a collection of handmade Glass & Zardozi paintings, Knit & Crochet Accessories and Artisan Jewelry at the exhibition.

If you are on facebook, please connect with us at - OUR FACEBOOK PAGE (Click Here)

LIKE our page and stay tuned in for updates and give-aways during the two weeks of Exhibition. Please feel free to pass on the invitation to your Family & Friends and bring them along!
Thanks for your support!! See you there !

Exhibition Details -

Venue: New Park Mall - Cultural Corner
           Newark, CA 94560
Date: May 18th to May 30th
Time: 11am to 7pm everyday, including weekends

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

9 Petal Flower Coasters and Scrubbies

This past weekend was sunny and warm, lots of new colors in the Garden now.. I drew inspiration from mother Nature and came up with these bright and cheerful 9 and 7 Petal Flowers which are so versatile! Use them as Coasters or as Bath accessories... These are lovely !

Colors in this set -
  1. Fuchsia
  2. Lime
  3. Purple

This second set is all about the exciting and colorful treasures beneath the blue oceans! Coral reef inspired set of five flowers. Machine washable and dryable, made of 100% Eco Friendly material, these would make lovely gifts for anyone! 

 Colors used in the set as seen here-
  • Coral
  • Sea Foam
  • Coral Bliss

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spa Scrubbies !!!

A current hot favorite that has caught the fancy of so many !!! Spring inspired NEW spa scrubbies that you can use to remove make up or with a face wash... so many uses!

These cute scrubbies are in colors of the rainbow… just beautiful! The design is a daisy in white with color surrounds. These scrubbies are hand made with a lot of love and care. I take great pride in my workmanship and ensure that every piece is nothing less than perfect. 

These are made of Eco friendly 100% cotton yarn. After use just toss them in the washing machine with your laundry to wash and dry. They can be reused again and again. This is a set of 10 scrubbies that are Travel friendly (pssst! travel pouches available). Each scrubbie is beautifully finished to last you a long long time.

These are available in a variety of colors, choose yours from the list! Or You can have the whole set of ten pieces in one color of your choice.If you would like to hang your scrubbies, a loop can be added to each one of these on request.
Happy Spa Time !!
List of Colors avalable - 


Colors used in the set as seen in the pictures-
  • Purple
  • Orchid
  • Ocean
  • Aqua
  • Kiwi
  • Lime
  • Butter
  • Tangerine
  • Coral
  • Scarlet
  • Snow - for all center Daisies