Saturday, November 13, 2010

Floral Waves Baby Blankie

I really wanted to make a special baby blanket, something different and very intricate. I wanted it to be swirly and to have curls at the edges. For a blanket to have even swirls I needed to begin it from the center and build it out. This is what I came up with...
The center flower is made in avocado-mint and snow white puffs in a granny square pattern. I am calling them Honeydew Squares.  The simplicity of the single crochet rows makes the florets pop! The string of blossoms are crocheted individually and then joined together, they add to the lush feel of the blankie.

I enjoyed the color combination, very fresh and so elegant. The flowers look identical from both sides and can be used for many different projects. Since they are so puffy, for this project, they make the blanket curl up from the center to the end.. how adorable !

The center piece is important, it must be measured carefully and be a square with sides exactly double of the Honeydew squares. This is what makes the base for the rest of the design.

Here is a sample of all the Honeydews together with the center piece. Yes, it needs some more work... and I will soon update with the completed work. I hope you like it...

By the way, is anyone interested in the pattern ??


  1. Yes we all r interested in the pattern......

  2. cool colors and cute blanket all your works were very nice