Tuesday, September 29, 2009

For the Love of KITTIES.....

This summer I worked with kittens at the local shelter. The kitten 'season' leaves a large number of unweaned litters.. with little kittens, often a few hours old who cant eat, dont know what they need to survive the day.

Their moms have either abandoned them or are driven away such that they cant find the babies anymore. These kittens are brought to the shelter and taken care of... I joined the group that takes turn in cleaning, feeding and nurturing these kittens. Here is my story -

I love animals!
I've been passionate about them all my life. Working with them, for their well-being has been very fulfilling. I've always found unconditional love and devotion in my four legged friends and it was for this feeling that I wanted to go back to do what I enjoy thoroughly.

This summer I met a cute litter of four kittens. They were so little that I could hide one in my palm ! They were fragile and vulnerable... In the first couple weeks the litter lost a brother and a sister.
This is what the babies looked like when they came to us -

Dont miss the food sticking to their faces... they dint know how to clean themselves and do the regular kitten stuff. Even then, aren't they just CUTE !!!
We had to syringe feed the kitties, induce them to go poopoo.. and keep them warm with heat pads below their beds to help them survive the night temperatures.

We struggled to feed the remaining two kittens - the orange one and the cute black with orange face :) Sometimes it was tough and required patience and perseverance.. in the end they made it.

At the end of the season, these two are healthy, playful and adorable kitties looking for a loving home. I wish they get adopted together coz they love to catch each other by the arm and do a rumble-tumble! They love to sleep on each other... throwing paws at each other... and do a lot of other things together !

From that day to this... it has been a fun experience.
Here is how lovely they look now...

I just love the gorgeous blue eyes !
This picture was taken after the kittens had a full meal and were about to take their afternoon nap and the orange kitty got thirsty. If you've had kittens you'll know its difficult to catch them on a cam coz they are so swift !

On the last day of the season, I crocheted a little orange fish toy especially for my fave kitties. Its to wish them luck and love for all times to come... and guess what! I think they like it !!!

I grew up with dogs and always thought I was more of a 'Dog-Person'. My experience with these kittens has changed that thought !

Truly, love knows no bounds......

UPDATE:  These two lovely kittens got adopted together. They found their forever home and loved the little Fish toy so much that they had to take it with them. I am so happy for them! Everytime I see their pictures, they make me smile. Love'em.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Booties

I was going through websites and found a picture of a cute Baby Bootie pair. The pattern was knitted, so I made up my own Crochet version. :-)

Enjoy the pictures, the pattern will be up soon !!!

If you really like this, leave me your comments..
Here is the Knitting pattern -

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crochet Hook Sizes

I've been asked about US Crochet Hook Sizes...
Here is my list -

There are many charts online that can give you a comparison of Crochet Hook sizes, with the variation of US, UK, Vintage hooks etc.

Here are some links -