Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Girl Dress

Crocheting a full baby dress can be time consuming. I came up with some easy options to create something fun for your baby in no
time !!

In this picture, Zizi is sporting a white cotton skirt with its un-attached top with two little pockets. The Top part and the pockets of this dress are made with 100% mercerized cotton thread in Rose color. The Pattern is called 'Tipsi Blocks' and has been adopted from a book called 'Crochet Inspiration' by Sasha Kagan.

Its a great book for anyone who is looking to create their own patterns while trying out some lovely variations of the basic stitches. The author has some very unique designs and projects as part of this book. I recommend it a 100% !

The idea of this dress is to have some parts that are crocheted while the skirt can be simply sewed on. This is just one of the many ways of achieving the same result - a Great Summer Dress !!

A close up of the pattern - Tipsi Blocks

Enjoy the Pictures.

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