Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Boy T-shirt

It has been great fun working with all the colorful yarns this month !!

This is my first attempt at making a T-Shirt for a Baby. Hope you all will like the pictures. The pattern is as simple as making 4 square blocks and joining them together. A border was crocheted into the arms, neck and bottom for added cuteness factor.

Close up of the Arm:

Close up of the Border:

Close up of the Neckline:

I will add to this post, please check back for more details.


  1. Wow.....its really awesome.....

    Can u please post a video or can u share a pettern with us??

    Looking forward to hear from u....

    Love to see ur wrk n m getting ethu to wrk on my project...


  2. amritha can i have the patteren of the t shirt its very pretty:).

  3. Thanks you all. Enjoy the pattern !!

  4. Hi amrita this is really cute
    can u send me the pattern, i wanna do it for my son to be. can u please post the pattern