Thursday, May 14, 2009

Baby Blanket - Granny Square Variation

How could we have a Baby Month and not have a special blankie on the occasion !
This is a Baby Blanket that measures 24 x 24 inches and is made of 4-Ply yarn. I used two colors for it... pastel green and lemon yellow. These have become my favorite over time.

Zizi loves the colors so much, she even wanted her special hair clip made with the same yarn ! :)

The baby blanket is made of 16 squares - 6 x 6 inches each. The pattern for this square is a variation of the traditional Granny Square. It has front post double crochet stitches which give it the 'x' look. The pattern is from Teresa's Blog -

I'm a great fan of Teresa and have been following her thread for a while now. She's real fun to watch. I really enjoy trying out her patterns.

A close-up of the blocks:

For my blanket, I altered a few things in the pattern, like-

* Using the colors differently from Teresa's sample.
I've used Color A for rounds 1 & 2;
Color B for rounds 3 & 4
Color A for Round 5 & 6

* I added round 6 to the pattern.
After finishing round 5, Ch1, make 1sc in the next stitch to the end of the row.
In the ch 2 space make 3 sc, continue making sc around on all four sides.
To finish off, sl st in the beginning sc, cut your yarn.

* Added Tassels.
These were added to finish off the Blanket.

Adding the 6th round makes for a good finishing. The edges are well defined and not roundish anymore. Its also easy to join these squares together coz the lines are so straight.

Hope you will enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed making it !
Enjoy the pictures... Do leave your feedback !


  1. I love the afghan and the colors. Great job!!!

  2. hey its beautiful..I am gonna try it after I finish my lined up projects:)

  3. Amrita,
    Gr8 work....Very Lovely color combi...really its nice...

    I m also a Fan of Teresa..used see her blog regularly...Her Videos are very gud n,Informative n easy for beginners like us...

    Thanks !!!

  4. Zizi looks so cute and the blanket is nice too :)

  5. Hi! your blanket looks very pleasant and cute! I am a fan of Teresa for her immense work on crocheting. Can you please say me how these granny squares are joined together? I am trying out a bag with the granny squares. Messed up how to join them.

  6. Hi !
    I understand how sometimes the squares can get confusing to join. I turned them around - with the right side on the table, the wrong side facing me. I used the same yarn used to make the granny squares and did a snake stitch to join all the squares together. Hope that helps !

  7. Hi Amrita,
    I was talking about this blanket. I like the design n color combination. Could u please tell me details abt this like which yarn n crochet hook need for this?..Need guidance in making one square..

    Poonam Agrawal

  8. Hey Poonam,

    I used Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for this baby blankie... The colors I chose were a light lemon yellow and a pastel green. I dont remember the exact names... Hope I can update that on my next visit to the yarn store. And I used a size 'I crochet hook' (5.50mm).

    I made a few changes to Teresa's original pattern. I have included the pattern change in the post itself.

    Hope you enjoy making this !!!
    Best !

  9. Hurray! Thanks a lot! The bag is ready now and it has come out well!