Friday, August 31, 2012

On the Hook..

Ripples are in fashion again..  be it for a cushion or an afghan. I have been hooked on Crochet the whole month of August, my knitting projects have taken a back seat. Varying between different granny designs and  ripples.. I am kinda addicted to them.. began with trying to create a soft ripple pattern and now I just cant stop!

My first ripple-gan is almost done and its fascinating for me to keep adding more colors to it.. here is a sneak peak..
 Absolutely love the rainbow colors and its so soft to touch ! This one is made with all 100% acrylic yarns so the afghan is hard wearing and can be tossed into the washer-dryer without any problems. Looking forward to some snuggle time on the couch !

Right now I am loving the pastels in my new Ripple-ghan.. This is one of my most favorite color combination for little girls. Its working up fast but I think I will run out of yarn on this one.. A sneak peak for all ripple fans..
 My variation of the Ripple-Ghan pattern will be up here soon.. watch out for the updates on my Facebook Page. Enjoy !