Monday, September 14, 2009

Baby Booties

I was going through websites and found a picture of a cute Baby Bootie pair. The pattern was knitted, so I made up my own Crochet version. :-)

Enjoy the pictures, the pattern will be up soon !!!

If you really like this, leave me your comments..
Here is the Knitting pattern -


  1. Really cute, Amrita...nice color too..hope I wil also do same in future after learning crochet.

  2. Hi Amrita, the booties are cute, the texture of them looks very good

  3. hey was wondering if you could post the pattren for the booties on here, i think they are so super cute and would much rather crohet them than knit them!! :)

  4. Hi!

    I would like to know if you have posted the crochet pattern for this gorgeous booties? I would like to be able to try it for my little angel.

    Hope you could let me know, My website is


  5. AWESOME!!! I would love the pattern for this.

  6. PLEASE post the crochet pattern! I would and all the others would love to crochet these little babies for some babies. Can't wait!! Looks so cute.

  7. Hi, I would love it if you could post the pattern, these booties are lovely!

  8. HI THERE,
    just wondering when you'll be getting around to posting the pattern for the booties? I don't mean to rush you or anything, it's just that i've been waiting for about a year now...

  9. Lol, yes the pattern is over due. And one reason why I was not able to post it here was because it was picked up for publication, which is currently in abeyance. I will update the blog as soon as I get the green. Thanks for your patience!


  10. I would love to have the baby bootie pattern as well. I cannot for the life of me get the hang of doing the sole of the bootie!! And I've been crocheting forever.....I'll add my encouragement to you here!
    pat from NJ

  11. cute booties
    can you send me the pattern of this

  12. extra cute!!!
    i'll be a godmother and i'd love to make these cute booties for the baby girl!

    it would be perfect if you could upload the pattern!

  13. sweet!
    can i have pattern for this cute booties?

    thanks ;)

  14. did you ever get around to publishing up your crochet version of this pattern? I would be very interested.

  15. Hi Echo,
    Thank you for your interest. I am told its in the works :) Hoping it will be out by Summer 2012.

    I have received so many request for these.. I plan to work on a different pattern for booties. Will post it here once I am done.