Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Shell Stitch Bookmark

I enjoy making Bookmarks, specially coz they are small projects and get done in no time ! Plus I get the opportunity to experiment with new patterns.

This one is a crocheted bookmark. The basic pattern comes from a book called 'Crochet Inspiration' by Sasha Kagan. I've used this book for several projects and I highly recommend it. Whether you are new to Crochet or have been working with yarn for a long time, you'll enjoy reading and creating from this book.

This pattern is called : Shell Stitch Square
I have used the basic pattern and incorporated some bead work also. I will not be posting the pattern here for Copyright reasons. You can look for this book in your closest library. I will however, use the beading work in some other project which I will share here for the benefit of everyone reading the blog.

Enjoy !

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