Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Follow up of the Second Online Crochet Class - IHM

The Second Online Crochet Class was great fun !
Most of us managed to work through the project - Valentine Envelopes.
The pattern was picked from Lion Brand's Website. Here is the link -

Having the pattern on screen helped all of us read and understand how to follow a pattern. We used a 4 ply Cotton yarn for the project. Although we were not able to complete the project with in the given time, many of us went ahead and did it after class.

Here is what I made -

It was wonderful to see inspiration flow... Thank you all for sharing your enthusiasm with me. I am very pleased to put up pictures of the wonderful things created and shared by my friends after the class. I look forward to receiving more pictures and your feedback !
Thanks !!

Deepti's Baby Blanket -

Amisha's Colorful Scarf -

Archana's Summery Scarf -

Archana's Baby Booties -

Payal's Beanie Cap for Momie and Baby -

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